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Thursday, March 31, 2005



isn't it just like a N to go into an ethnic restaurant for lunch & order native food. I should have ordered Eastern & at one point I did but felt it was not going to be enough to fill me or sustain me during the afternoon on the quest to "still we rise".

My only disappointment among my travels to the Historical Museum, the library,Hart Plaza, & MAAH was the photographic exhibit of various African countries with photos that seemed as if they were taken with a throw away camera, blown up out of proportion, to an eerie blurriness, with poor lighting & shadows in places shadows should not rest.

The vast history of Blackness in Detroit is something to behold & cherish. It makes me wish that I had written down all those stories of southern living & relocation that dead aunts & uncles used to recite as if on stage in from of an audience of unknowing.

Makes me want to revisit my past with pen in hand & paper and take it all down for the future generation.

Makes me long 2B apart of Detroit but even more, makes me want 2 study the history of my own hometown which is just as prosperous & just as rich with the manufacturing industry, a huge middle class Black population & home ownership galore.

One trip to any establishment of higher learning is the catalyst one needs to begin or continue that journey of knowing & preserving something we must teach those after us to do on a continuum.

UrbanArtistry is for everyone.


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