UrbanArtistry is a nonprofit program, (supported by the Claude Harvard Foundation), dedicated to bringing art to young and old in the most interesting ways. This journal will have comments from those participating in the first UrbanArtistry workshop in Detroit, Michigan as well as the other events to follow. UrbanArtistry:Detroit creative focus is POETRY. Come journey with us as we explore the arts and contribute to the greatest good!

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The Man

Hey! my name's Devante I'm 12 yrs. old and here what I like about Urban Artistry? Writing poetry about different things, learning about my city like the staues called the Gateway to Freedom, the Step of the Dance and Joe Louis' Fist. I learned about Old Detroit at the Historical Museum. At first I didn't like poetry but now I enjoy writing it becuase I put my thoughts down on paper instead of holding them in. So, that's it for now until I think of something else.


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