UrbanArtistry is a nonprofit program, (supported by the Claude Harvard Foundation), dedicated to bringing art to young and old in the most interesting ways. This journal will have comments from those participating in the first UrbanArtistry workshop in Detroit, Michigan as well as the other events to follow. UrbanArtistry:Detroit creative focus is POETRY. Come journey with us as we explore the arts and contribute to the greatest good!

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Ashley O.

In the UrbanArtistry program I've met different people and learned about their different techniques of writing. This experience has been a great expedition. It enhanced my writing vocabulary. My writing has come along great and I would like to thank UrbanArtistry for taking my Spring break to attend the program.

Throughout this whole week UrbanArtistry has taken us on different trips. The first was Downtown Detroit. We went to hart Plaza and inside the Renaissance Center to get a different perspective of Detroit in our own eyes. The next day we went to the Detroit Hisotorical Museum to look at the automobiles and other manufacturing industries. A day after that we went to the Detroit main Library. WE got on the computers and did some research about what we took notes on the 1st day.

Today we're here at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History. Learning more and more each day the way we understand out past. The more we understand our past, the more we can learn from it and create a better future for our people to live in.

This is my perspective, my view, and my life. What I have learned this past week has been an adventure.


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