UrbanArtistry is a nonprofit program, (supported by the Claude Harvard Foundation), dedicated to bringing art to young and old in the most interesting ways. This journal will have comments from those participating in the first UrbanArtistry workshop in Detroit, Michigan as well as the other events to follow. UrbanArtistry:Detroit creative focus is POETRY. Come journey with us as we explore the arts and contribute to the greatest good!

Thursday, December 20, 2007


it seems I cannot sleep until I write something
my mind is dying
from under work
that stimulate colors of conjoined words
in syllables surprised by meeting
I like them most
coming together in cautious
discovering bitty-small lemon flavors
that remind a tongue of life
funky tangy life ordinary
workdays have tried to black & white out
of me until my can’t close my eyes until
I remember something about how
blood flows through veins just to get someplace it’s been before
but not in its current
not with these particles of oxygen making
it the same and not and the old
roads through my old
body new and the same at once
pushing these frantic brown fingers into the
qwerty’s keys
a musician come mad rambling not notes but letters
hard into the make-believe page wishing it where
Writer-typed banging impressions these fingers could run over
run down continuously until sleep trips all over me completely
submerging my body to the rhythm
the letters create under my fingertips
once I’m done composing for sleep and lay there
running over and over and over the page
Expelled into REM happiness

an original poem by Mursalata